UR Bath Bubble Sand

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UR Bath Bubble Sand

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UR Bath & Body has handcrafted some of the finest bath and body products to inspire a sense of self, create a sense of joy and to allow you the opportunity to express your love to others.  Our products are handmade by those that are transitioning out of crisis.  We offer a place of employment that empowers and promotes women’s independence from challenging family and abusive circumstances.  When you indulge in our products you can be assured that your purchase is lifting up, rebuilding, reshaping and promoting those women that desire to chart a new course for their lives and their children. UR is a loving affirmation of all that you can become and all that can be realized with a loving hand extended.

UR Calm: Lovely Lavender blended with vanilla to calm and soothe after a long day

UR Crazy: Sweet Cotton Candy with just a touch of Vanilla Bean and a hint of bergamot

UR Salty: This scent smells like a salty sea shore with the feel of the ocean spray hitting you as you walk along the beach

UR Exotic: Sweet and exotic coconut blended with Papaya, cocoa bean and vanilla

UR Brave: A beautiful combination of White Tea and Ginger with just a hint of musk